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Inhabitants: 289
Extension: 27,33km2
Altitude: 576m
Source INE. Official Census survey in 1.01.2010


Orís castle. Ruins
The municipality of Orís occupies the north-western corner of Osona.

The village is formed by the hamlets of the Parish Church of Sant Genís, Can Branques, Saderra, La Mambla and El Pelut.

It is a scattered village which borders the Lluçanès, the Ges Valley and Bisaura. All are connected by the C-17 main road.

This small village is agricultural and is of interest to gourmets, particularly for the cultivation of the Bufet potato , but also for its maize and market garden produce. On Sundays and Bank Holidays throughout October a market is held where more than 50 tonnes of Bufet potatoes, both black and white varieties, are sold directly by the farmers who produce them. In addition, locally produced jams, onions, beans and pumpkins are for sale, as are decorative elements for the home such as flasks and corncobs.

Església de Sant Genís
Alongside the market there is a gathering of poets and a poetry recital, painting and photography competitions, and a competition for dishes cooked with Bufet potatoes. October is, then, a month full of commercial, cultural and gastronomic activity. Throughout the rest of the year the Bufet potatoes can be bought in various shops around the comarca. In terms of the village’s natural and cultural heritage, of particular importance is the Parish Church of Sant Genís, neo-classical- baroque in style; the remains of Orís Castle; the industrial colonies of La Mambla and El Pelut and the hamlet of Saderra, with its grand houses. Orís is a perfect spot for walking or BTT bike riding.

Places of interest

Orís Castle

Castell Oris
A medieval castle ruins, first documented in 914, reformed between the 14th and 17th centuries. It was destroyed in the First Carline War (1833-1840).

El Pelut - Ymbern Ancient colony

El Pelut. Habitatges.
Former textile colony with modernista style architecture.

Trekking path Camí Vora Ter GR 210
Long distance trekking path, of 61 Km, it passes through Orís. It approximates us not only to flora and fauna’s patrimony but also the cultural and industrial ones.

Sender d’Orís PR C54


Orís Council
C/ Gràcia,2
08573 Orís
Tel. (+34) 93 859 02 47

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